Hi, my names Autumn Rose, I’m a writer and poet. I’m currently in middle school and decided to create this account to tell some of my awkward moments in quotes or poetry.


Parents,Worries,Teen& social media

As a Teen I completely understand the Internet. I know for a fact all teens know 3 key hacks on the Internet that can often lead to cyber bulling(dont feel bad teens^_^). The first one is unknown social media accounts. Yeah hello to all you teens out there, I bet all of them have at least one Instagram, snap chat, Facebook, Tumblr ect account where they dont expose there real name. Although some parents may tell there kids never to expose there real name on the Internet it can be even ore dangerous to have an “unknown identity”. For example teens get the advantage of being able to text random Poeple of the Internet by text in them pretending to be someone there not with an “unknown account”. I Garenteee All u Teens are gonna be hating this post and probably hiding it from ya patents cause like I know yall know im right. Im a 14 year old girl going to a public school right now I now all the basic “teen tricks”. And if u wondering why im post in stuff that reveals all the “teen tricks”. Its Cause I have had to deal with the consequences of my parents finding out my “teen tricks”. So I suggest all u teens out there dont dare try the following:

– Creating “unknown social media accounts”( always at least say ur first name and keep a private account with real pics of u)

– Commenting( sometimes comments on a photo can turn into cyberbullin)

-Messaging poeple u don’t know in RL( only talk to poeple u know in real life)

– SM Hate!!!!( never hate on anyone on social media! No Matter hard u think social media isn’t real, Some teens take it as there whole life)

AND FOR ALL THOSE TEENS WHO DONT LISTEN TO A FELLOW TEEN BEWARE: ONLINE THERES A SIMPLE POLICY CALLED U GET WHAT U GIVE: Ever liked someone’s post and they like one of urs after thats cause it’s simple online manners. And sometimes problems on the internet can get so big it affects ur whole life if that ever happens u MUST TELL AN ADULT!! I Know from my experience Tellin an adult about my online social life Was The MOST SCARIEST THING IVE EVER DONE. But I’m so glad I did it or things could have gotten much worse for example

I had a friend named liana who created an “unknown account” on Instagram pretending to be me. She texted random people saying I did stuff I never did and making a horrible image of my name. One day she accidentally texted one of my Real friends without knowing who then sent me all of there messages. I Was HORRIFED!! The texts were discussing and awful…. I had nothin else I could do but text a grown up. So I texted her mom her were our texts:

I WAS SO RELIVED AFTER THOSE TEXTS,,, everything worked out ok after and I felt so much better^_^



What is depression? well if you thought depression was just sadness or negativity, your wrong! depression is a  mental illness most may not understand without having it. depression is in fact a disorder that causes your thoughts to control you. this causes your brain to have thoughts of self-hate,insecurities,anger,&and other depressing thoughts. Depression can be very dangerous cause to much bad thoughts can lead to sadness,anger,self-hate,and self harm or possibly suicide.  There are many ways u can deal with a disorder such as depression, such as meditation,relaxing,thinking positive. But my personal best way to deal with depression is writing. writing your thoughts and feeling in a journal with help u get out some anger or negativity you have. Some people think writing poetry or making art is a very significant way to help rid them of negativity.



I<3 Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez is a singer manly known for her album called crybaby. I have been a huge fan girl ever since I found out about her. Melanie has done many concerts on her album crybaby. But I’m sad to say that crybaby will soon be gone. Melanie has decided to stop making more albums on crybaby. But she is coming out with a new movie on her second album that should be released soon. I can’t wait for her new album. Melanie is an amazing artist and very unique.

Best Quote finding app.

I normally use google to find my quotes and inspiration. I was looking threw the App Store one day and stumbled upon a app that had a quotes put into categories. This app has worked well for me. I recommend down loading it.

Quotes” – Inspirational Sayings and Wallpapers by Skol Games LLC


Math has never been my favorite subject. Like seriously my teacher now has me learning with a tutor who is literally younger than me just because she’s advanced in math. I appreciate my teacher caring about my education although I don’t really appreciate the fact that my tutor is almost a year younger than me. It was bad enough with me being the worst in math class but having a younger age tutor is flat out humiliating. But at least I’m not completely stupid in math. I wish my teachers would solve their own problems someday, and stop asking me to solve it for them;) I’m just lucky it’s not P.E. Nothing is more HORRIBLE THAN P.E!!!!


So this year I started going to a new school. After only 3 months of attending 8th grade middle school as a new student, I already had a huge Enemy,Rumors about me, and was considered the “bad kid”. But I loved school because no matter how sad I was my friend would always cheer me up. Me and my friend(let’s just call her M) would draw and write together. M wrote a cool written languish and showed me it. I decided to write my own. Me and M would write notes back and forth in our “secret handwriting”. I drew a picture of me and M, I wrote a note in my secret handwriting that said: a best friend is someone who says by your side even with their differences